Philippe Marlière – Founder & Scientific director

Philippe MarlièrePhilippe Marlière is a scientific designer and entrepreneur.
He also acts as advisor on bioenergy and synthetic biology for the Director of the Life Science Division of CEA (the French agency for atomic and alternative energies), and Research Director for ISSB XENOME at Génopole (Institute of Systems & Synthetic Biology (iSSB) a research institute of Evry University Val d’Essonne).

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Pascal Defrance – Manager

For the past 30 years, Pascal Defrance has been in the business of strategic consulting in conceptual and operational communication, specializing in corporate communication for energy services, environmental services, as well as the health industry and cultural business.

Camille Morin-Hassan – Research Technician

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, Camille enjoys a broad range of lab skills that enter most of our strain construction projects since she joined the company in 2012.